Warranty conditions in Voltok store

The Voltok online store fulfills warranty obligations under applicable law. You can return the goods purchased from us within 14 days from the date of purchase. The return of goods by the buyer is carried out only if it was not used and it is new.

The warranty period of operation of voltage stabilizers Voltok Basic profi, Voltok Safe, Voltok Grand, Voltok Elegant is 7 years.
The warranty period of operation of voltage regulators Voltok Like, Voltok SRK-500 is 3 years.

The warranty is valid from the date of sale.

The warranty covers all malfunctions of the stabilizer of any complexity caused solely by manufacturing defects or, for the obvious reason, of poor-quality components and components or their internal installation. Troubleshooting is free, transportation costs are not included in the conditions of free warranty and non-warranty repairs.

Repair of the stabilizer is carried out only in an authorized service!

The owner has the right to replace the stabilizer with a new one if its restoration according to the conclusion of the warranty workshop is not possible, provided that its failure was not caused by mechanical damage, improper operation, violation of environmental requirements, erroneous electrical installation, non-warranty case, excess nominal parameters, etc., and a malfunction of the electrical part due to the fault of the manufacturer, or the quality of components.

Routine maintenance is carried out once a full year of operation and is a prerequisite for compliance with obligations throughout the standard warranty period.

Before operating the stabilizer, be sure to read the technical data sheet of the device and warranty conditions.