Voltage regulators: Voltok Safe SRK12-15000

Voltok Safe SRK12-15000
Voltok Safe SRK12-15000
Voltok Safe SRK12-15000
Product code: 10030
Price: 16100 UAH.

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Voltok Safe SRK12-15000 voltage stabilizer is a thyristor type device with 12 step stabilization. The main function is to align the incoming voltage flow with an error of 4% or 8-10 volts at the output. Power model is designed for 15 kW. The stabilizer is equipped with an alarm recorder, with a memory capacity of 20 alarms, tied to the time of the device event. TM Voltok is a Ukrainian-made product, but the products are already widely known in foreign countries.

The Voltok Safe SRK12-15000 is equipped with important protective consumer features:

  • operating range from 135 Volts to 257 Volts;
  • protection against short circuit in the operational circuit of the stabilizer;
  • noise filter in the load circuit;
  • protective shutdown during prolonged overload in the load circuit.

The manufacturer of stabilizers uses the latest components, designed and developed according to modern methods. Copper transformers are installed inside - these are durable and wear-resistant elements. The device is equipped with the "Transit" mode, during an emergency, the device gives a stable outgoing voltage, the same as it receives at the input.

Call the official store and buy a Ukrainian-made Voltok voltage regulator! This is a stabilizer with the best value for money!

User's manual

Voltok Safe SRK12-15000

Model:Voltok Safe SRK12-15000
Stabilization type:thyristor
Installation location:in room
Number of steps:12
Power (kW):15,0
Working range, V135 - 257 V
Shutdown Threshold, V100 - 273
Output Error:2.5 - 5%
Max input current, A120
Rated Input Current:68 А
Purpose:for home, for office, for high inrush currents, for welding machine, for solar systems
8-10 V
Power (VA):15000 - 20000
Number of phases:1
Defence from:overload, undervoltage, short circuit, overheating, over voltage
Additional characteristics:voltage limits 120 - 268 V, ultimate voltage 100 - 273 V, stabilization range 135 - 257 V
Output power per phase (VA) at an input voltage of 220 V15000
Connection:Terminal connection
Dimensions:476×250×186 мм
Weight (kg):24
Guarantee:60 months
Delivery / Payment:Free shipping

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