Voltage regulators: Voltok Like plus 3500

Voltok Like plus 3500
Voltok Like plus 3500
Voltok Like plus 3500
Voltok Like plus 3500
Voltok Like plus 3500
Product code: 12361
Price: 4800 UAH.

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The Voltok Like plus 3500 is a silent, high performance voltage regulator. Voltok company is a Ukrainian manufacturer whose products are widely known in foreign countries.

The company uses the latest components designed and developed by modern methods. Copper transformers are installed inside - these are durable and wear-resistant elements. Voltok Like plus Series stabilizers can work in parallel with welding machines, compressors, pumps, fuel generators. This means that you can be calm about your equipment when there is no power or voltage drops on a standard power line.

Voltok Like plus 3500 stabilizer has a "Transit" operating mode. This means that the device in an unstable situation will output the same voltage at the output as it would at the input.

Voltok LIKE plus 3500 stabilizer benefits

  • Protection against emergency low voltage;
  • Protection against emergency high voltage;
  • Short circuit protection;
  • Overloads protection;
  • Overheat protection.

Call the official store and buy a Ukrainian-made Voltok voltage regulator! This is a stabilizer with the best value for money! Delivery of goods is carried out throughout the territory of Ukraine. We also provide free advice on the selection and optimization of equipment.

Model:Voltok Like plus 3500
Stabilization type:thyristor
Installation location:in room
Number of steps:9
Power (kW):3.5
Working range, V123 - 259 V
Shutdown Threshold, V100 - 273
Output Error:5 - 7%
Max input current, A20
Rated Input Current:16 А
Purpose:for pumping station
15 V
Power (VA):3100 - 5000
Number of phases:1
Defence from:overload, undervoltage, short circuit, overheating, over voltage
Output power per phase (VA) at an input voltage of 220 V3500
Dimensions:190 х 250 х 192
Weight (kg):7
Guarantee:3 year
  • Добрый день. Мы не рекомендуем размещать стабилизатор горизонтально.
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