Voltage regulators: Voltok Like 6000

Voltok Like 6000
Voltok Like 6000
Voltok Like 6000
Product code: 12356
Price: 5880 UAH.

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Voltok Like 6000 is a thyristor stabilizer designed for input loads up to 6 kW. The device provides stable operation of household appliances in the house, protecting it from voltage surges.

Voltok company produces a voltage regulator Like 6000 in white. The device is compact in size and can operate silently in a room or office premises.

The Voltok Basic SRK9-6000 has a number of important consumer protections:

  • protection against short circuit;
  • protection against low voltage
  • protection against high voltage;
  • protection against overheating$
  • protection against overloads.

The manufacturer installs quality components from world famous brands in its stabilizers. The devices are equipped with durable copper transformers.

Voltok is a Ukrainian company that consistently demonstrates high quality work and reliability. These features, combined with a low price, allow Voltok stabilizers to win the love of consumers not only in Ukraine, but also in neighboring countries. You can buy a voltage regulator Voltok Like 6000 for an apartment on our website.

User's manual

Voltok Like 6000

Model:Voltok Like 6000
Stabilization type:thyristor
Installation location:in room
Number of steps:9
Power (kW):6,0
Working range, V140 - 253 V
Shutdown Threshold, V120 - 268
Output Error:5 - 7%
Max input current, A34
Rated Input Current:27 A
Purpose:for pumping station, for the apartment, for office, for welding machine
10-12 V
Power (VA):5000 - 7500
Number of phases:1
Defence from:overload, undervoltage, short circuit, overheating, over voltage
Output power per phase (VA) at an input voltage of 220 V6000
Connection:Terminal connection
Dimensions:405 х 255 х 190 мм
Weight (kg):14.5
Guarantee:3 year
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