Voltage regulators: Voltok Grand SRK16-18000

Voltok Grand SRK16-18000
Voltok Grand SRK16-18000
Voltok Grand SRK16-18000
Product code: 10039
Price: 21500 UAH.

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Voltok Grand SRK16-18000 stabilizer is a silent, high-quality and reliable stabilizer, designed for power up to 18 kW. The main function is to align the incoming voltage flow with an error of 4% or 8-10 volts at the output. The stabilizer is equipped with an alarm recorder, with a memory capacity of 20 alarms, tied to the time of the device event.

Voltok has located its main production facilities in Ukraine. This is the necessary equipment for balancing the incoming current in residential and industrial premises. The trademark is widely popular in neighboring countries.

The Voltok Grand SRK16-18000 is equipped with important protective consumer features:

protection against short circuit in the operational circuit of the stabilizer;

noise filter in the load circuit;

protective shutdown during prolonged overload in the load circuit.

The manufacturer of stabilizers uses the latest components, designed and developed according to modern methods. Copper transformers are installed inside - these are durable and wear-resistant elements. The device is equipped with the "Transit" mode, during an emergency, the device gives a stable outgoing voltage, the same as it receives at the input.

Voltok Grand Series stabilizers can work in parallel with welding machines, compressors, pumps, fuel generators. This means that you can be calm about your equipment when there is no power on a regular power line.

Voltok Grand SRK16-18000 is a profitable combination of price and quality. You can buy the device in the official online store. Delivery of goods is carried out throughout Ukraine. If you need professional expert advice - call the numbers listed on the site.

User's manual

Voltok Grand SRK16-18000

Model:Voltok Grand SRK16-18000
Stabilization type:thyristor
Installation location:in room
Number of steps:16
Power (kW):18,0
Working range, V156 - 254 V
Shutdown Threshold, V120 - 270
Output Error:2.5 - 4%
Max input current, A125
Rated Input Current:80 А
Purpose:for home, for high power, for industrial use, for high inrush currents, for solar systems
5-6 V
Power (VA):15000 - 20000
Number of phases:1
Defence from:overload, undervoltage, short circuit, overheating, over voltage
Additional characteristics:IXYS thyristor keys - works with welding, stabilization range 156 - 254 V, voltage limits 120 - 270 V
Output power per phase (VA) at an input voltage of 220 V18000
Connection:Terminal connection
Dimensions:250×476×186 мм
Weight (kg):26
Guarantee:60 months
Delivery / Payment:Free shipping

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