Voltage regulators: Voltok Grand plus SRKw16-22000

Voltok Grand plus SRKw16-22000
Voltok Grand plus SRKw16-22000
Voltok Grand plus SRKw16-22000
Product code: 11081
Price: 35000 UAH.

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Voltok Grand plus stabilizer SRKw16-22000 is a premium segment of triac stabilizers. Devices with precise characteristics have an extended operating range, modification W indicates this. Stabilizers have a low error of stabilization at the exit - 4%.

Voltok is a domestic manufacturer of equipment that shows stable reliability and high quality work. These features, combined with a low price, allow Voltok stabilizers to win the love of consumers not only in Ukraine, but also in neighboring countries.

Voltok company supplies its devices with copper autotransformers, high-quality power contactless keys. Comprehensive protection for current and voltage provides high-quality and safe food in residential buildings, office premises, in equipment, machinery or equipment. Thanks to its precise characteristics, the device can be connected to medical equipment.

The Voltok Grand plus SRKw16-22000 has a number of important protections and functions for the consumer:

  1. protection against overheating of power keys and autotransformer;
  2. noise filter in the load circuit;
  3. time delay for the first and repeated inclusion - 10 sec.

Voltok Grand plus stabilizers feature Bypass. During high power surges, the Voltok Grand plus SRKw16-22000 turns off the power supply, and after a breakdown, the stabilizer automatically connects the load to the network.

Voltok brand stabilizers - reliability and long life. Delivery of orders is possible throughout Ukraine. If you need professional advice from our specialist - call the numbers listed on the site. We offer you convenience, speed and high quality service.

User's manual

Voltok Grand plus SRKw16-22000

Model:Voltok Grand plus SRKw16-22000
Stabilization type:thyristor
Installation location:in room
Number of steps:16
Power (kW):22,0
Working range, V118 - 272 V
Shutdown Threshold, V90 - 293 А
Output Error:2.5 - 4%
Max input current, A125
Rated Input Current:100 А
Purpose:for home, for high power, for industrial use, for high inrush currents, for solar systems
8-10 V
Power (VA):21000 - 30000
Number of phases:1
Defence from:overload, undervoltage, short circuit, overheating, over voltage
Additional characteristics:IXYS thyristor keys - works with welding, stabilization range 118 - 272 V
Output power per phase (VA) at an input voltage of 220 V22000
Connection:Terminal connection
Dimensions:250×476×186 мм
Weight (kg):30
Guarantee:60 months
Delivery / Payment:Free shipping
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